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ADD:No.6 Xinchang Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,215125 P.R.CHINA.
TEL:0086 512 6282 0806
FAX:0086 512 6282 0853
Mr. Shao:13952400361
Mr. Ma:18913585736
Zip code:215121

Company Profile

Suzhou Swellder Plastics Co., Ltd.,built in 2006,adjacent to Shanghai,specializing in custom vacuum forming,thermoforming & drape forming products.All the models were designed and made by ourselves, we could offer the samples and arrange the mass production in a short time。 Now we could also supply silk printing,laser cutting,CNC cutting,etc. in recent years.

The materials what we used are high quality,such as colorful ABS,PP,PC,PE,PVC,PET,PET-G,HIPS,PMMA,etc.,with kinds of surface treatment,glossy,haircell,matte,etc.The max thickness we could reach is 10mm.

Swellder specializes in the design and manufacture of thermoformed plastic products,widely used in electronics,automobile,precision instruments,medical,agriculture,machinery, aerospace, health care,etc.Also,we have sold to USA,UK, Germany, Australia, Norway , Spain and Japan,etc.

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Suzhou Swellder Plastics Co., Ltd
ADD:No.6 Xinchang Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,215125 P.R.CHINA.EMAIL:
LINKMAN: TEL:0086 512 6282 0806 PHO:

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